The road to Multimedia Design

Hi all,

My name is Marit – I’m 25 years old, and I’m from a small little charming town called Haugesund, on the West coast of Norway.
This blog, or journal if you may, will be used for school purposes.
I’ve decided to keep my blog entries in English – although, my actual school work will be presented in Norwegian.

I’ve always had a fair interest in all sorts of creativeness, such as drawing and doodling on paper, art, body art, sewing, tailoring of clothes, photography, scrap booking and especially photo editing and music.
I’m also extremely fond of travelling, and I love to explore architecture and do travel photography while abroad.
Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to use any of these hobbies in an actual work situation.

Being very young and naive when leaving high school (or ‘ungdomsskolen’ as we say in Norway), I completely miss-aimed, and ended up dropping out of two courses. These were children and youth studies, and also healthcare studies.
Although I did more than fairly well in Healthcare studies, I came to realize that I’d never be completely happy in this sort of profession after a few difficult personal experiences I encountered during the last year of the course.

When I was 21, I decided that I had enough of Haugesund for a while, and decided to go abroad for a year. Dublin became more or less a random pick, as I already had a friend living there. He quickly got me a job working as a customer service representative for Lexmark printers. After being made redundant from this job, and another similar job working for Creative Ltd, I finally got a steadier job working for a big online gaming company called Full Tilt Poker.
Although my purpose was to stay in Dublin for only one year, I got myself a boyfriend, and ended up staying for three and a half!

So, after working in a more or less boring and uninspiring office environment for three and a half years, my creative urges became more apparent.
I started learning different photo editing programs, and finally, just recent, I got my head around Photoshop.

One of the reasons Noroff Institute was so appealing to me, was the Adobe programs we will be using, and of course, the fact that the curriculum contains a lot of photography.
I am not an expert in Adobe or photography, but I am super stoked about learning more, getting better and discovering new tricks and aiming towards new goals.

For the future, I hope to be able to combine my passion for music with design and/or photography work. I’m not exactly sure what my absolute dream job would be as of now, as there are things in the Noroff curriculum I’ve never tried out.
Who knows, maybe I’ll end up being an expert in Typography, Web design or something else that I don’t have a clue about as of now.
One thing is for sure; I’m incredibly eager and excited about this course, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Creative self-portrait and Moodle map is to be added in new entries.



2 responses to “The road to Multimedia Design

  1. Spennende å lese om deg, og jeg er imponert over engelsken din 🙂 Lykke til videre!

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