Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

My Moodle Map


I have now completed the assignment of creating a map over Moodle. It wasn’t at all as easy as my initial reaction was.

Moodle is very practical and a serious useful resource as an online classroom, and it’s really easy to navigate around in, however, mapping it out after my own understanding – now that’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for a week now…

As many others, I started out with some notes and a mind map over what exactly I was supposed to put on this Moodle map according to the assignment:

After being through this process, I started sketching out a few ideas for how this map was going to look like visually.
A treasure map? No, might be to unoriginal. A map over Norway with the key words inserted in the different counties? Nope, that’s not how I see Moodle.

So, I figured, I’m going to “live” in Moodle for the next few years, I might as well sketch up a house and see where this brings me. Well, I came up with this, ‘The House Of Moodle’:

Nope, I wasn’t very impressed either. OK, fair enough, drawing is a fun thing to do, but let’s face it, it’s not my strength. And it’s definitely something I need to focus on improving.

Since I wasn’t very happy with any of the similar sketches I made, I decided to take a bit further, and way back to any girls childhood dream. I made a castle 🙂

 So, I’m finally happy with my result. To me, this is how I see Moodle. And this is how I navigate around it.

El presto – finished with the assignment, and I’m now ready as a hard boiled egg for my new one, as I know there’s going to be some photography involved 🙂

Until next time – Rock’n’Roll


My Creative Self-portrait

Hi guys,

So, I have finally finished my self-portrait, as a part of the assignment of writing the first blog entry – ‘The road to Multimedia Design’.
I thought:  “Great, I get to use my own photography straight away.” Yeah well, I was wrong.
The main thing in the assignment was not to use just a single photo of oneself.
For a self-portrait, I assume you are supposed to show who you really are, or what represents you.
My initial instinct was to make a collage of the different things I like, as in interest, hobbies, personality wise etc.

I sort of moved a bit away from the idea when I started sketching. However, I’d still be able to tell you exactly what was going through my head when creating this:

Skulls – I am obsessed with skulls, and I have been ever since I was a wee little girl. I even have them tattooed.  🙂
Eyes – Reflects the soul of a person. In photography, I love to enhance the eyes of a person when taking portraits.
Nose piercing – I am often asked, “Why do you have that nose ring? You’d be prettier without it”.
I normally respond something like, “Why don’t you have one? You’d look way better wearing one”.

All in all, I am very fond of a darker side of creativeness and art. I am highly inspired by tattoo art and dark music lyrics/music/bands. Yes, I am a metal chick.

For the portrait, I sketched up the skull, scanned and uploaded it to my PC, used Photoshop on the photos I’ve used (eyes and nose piercing), and I’ve also used the program Picnic to adjust light, contrast and also the wrinkle remover to make the lines of the skull a bit more blurry.

I loved this assignment.

Does anyone have any feedback?