My Moodle Map


I have now completed the assignment of creating a map over Moodle. It wasn’t at all as easy as my initial reaction was.

Moodle is very practical and a serious useful resource as an online classroom, and it’s really easy to navigate around in, however, mapping it out after my own understanding – now that’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for a week now…

As many others, I started out with some notes and a mind map over what exactly I was supposed to put on this Moodle map according to the assignment:

After being through this process, I started sketching out a few ideas for how this map was going to look like visually.
A treasure map? No, might be to unoriginal. A map over Norway with the key words inserted in the different counties? Nope, that’s not how I see Moodle.

So, I figured, I’m going to “live” in Moodle for the next few years, I might as well sketch up a house and see where this brings me. Well, I came up with this, ‘The House Of Moodle’:

Nope, I wasn’t very impressed either. OK, fair enough, drawing is a fun thing to do, but let’s face it, it’s not my strength. And it’s definitely something I need to focus on improving.

Since I wasn’t very happy with any of the similar sketches I made, I decided to take a bit further, and way back to any girls childhood dream. I made a castle 🙂

 So, I’m finally happy with my result. To me, this is how I see Moodle. And this is how I navigate around it.

El presto – finished with the assignment, and I’m now ready as a hard boiled egg for my new one, as I know there’s going to be some photography involved 🙂

Until next time – Rock’n’Roll


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