Daily Archives: September 9, 2011

Three photos

This week, I’ve been out and about doing loads of photography. The task was to start on a photo archive, taking 100 photos over the next few weeks, and we’re not suppose to edit nor manipulate any of these photos.
I’ve already got way over a 100 photos.

The 100 photos I select for my photo archive, will be divided in 10 different categories, as instructed in our action plan.

The 10 categories are:

  • People
  • Symbols
  • Cityscapes
  • Animals
  • Fashion / trend
  • Form / shape
  • Food
  • Mood
  • Contrasts
  • Transportation

Here’s three examples of photos taken this week with some technical info:

Animals category

Photo taken with a Sony Alpha390 - 18-55mm lens - F5.6 - ISO 100 - Manuell function

Shape / Form category

Photo taken with a Sony Alpha390 - 18-55mm lens - F5.4 - ISO 100 - Flash on - Macro function

Animals Catergory

Photo taken with a Sony Alpha390 - 18-55mm lens - F13 - ISO 200 - Macro function



Graphic studio of my liking

I’ve had a hard time finding one specific Graphic performer/studio of my own liking. I’ve used google, links provided by teacher and grafill.no to search for an artist that I would prefer.

There were tons to choose from, and several caught my eye.

However, after a week-long search, I finally found someone up my own alley.
The designer studio, Signs of the Times DA/Smaapigerne, was founded in 1999 by Kaja Ødegård and Sissel Ringstad.
Both women work with illustration, and graphic design. In fact, they both have a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the same college in England.

Kaja and Sissel works with a broad variety of techniques and expressions.

The reason I chose Signs of the Times/Smaapigerne, is because I simply love their illustrations.
All though all illustrations seem very different from each other, you can still see that they have their own “childish” style.
They also use a well-balanced colour scheme, with a special mix between mellow and sharp colours.

Signs of the Times/Smaapigerne webside: www.sott.no – and they also have some cool t-shirt prints here: http://smaapigerne.spreadshirt.net/