Idea Sketching – Learning Activity 3.1

“Use the three ideas you came up with in the brainstorming exercise, along with inspiration from the design studio you picked in learning activity 1.2, and come up with at least 9 sketches for a colour collage
Before starting, read the next learning activity – Colour collage 1.1.”
This was another fun task! :)As stated in the activity, we were supposed to read 1.1, before doing this task.
In 1.1, we were instructed to use elements from 13 colour collages handed to us in the learning activity. Have a quick look at them here, if you’d like to:  CollageI decided to make three sketches from each idea I previously came up with, in the previous learning activity, 2.1.

This is the result:

Animals - Dreamy - Fantasy

I Capture Childishness in Nature

Fun - Attitude - Originality

It was pretty hard to try to incorporate inspiration from the design studio I’ve previously written about,, but I think I managed to pull it of in the end.

Next post will show the final result of this week – oh the excitement :p



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