End Result – My Color Collage – Learning Activity 1.1

Learning activity explanation:
  • Use the images handed out.
  • Make a collage where you illustrate one of the ideas you came up with, in learning activity 3.1.
  • The collage should be a composition of the elements in the hand-out of images. Cut and paste.
  •  The collage you create in Photoshop should show inspiration from the design studio you’ve previously written about in learning activity 2.1.
  • Color your collage, and add patterns.
  •  Present you final work on your reflective diary, and explain how you solved the task.

Here’s my final result of the week two assignment, ‘idea development and research’.

Animals - Dreamy - Fantasy

This is how I solved the task:
  1. I first looked through my sketches, and decided on one of the ideas.I created a new document in Photoshop, and selected the background color.
  2. Second, I opened the hand-out documents I had previously saved to my computer, of the elements I needed for my idea.
  3. I cut out the cat, the clouds and the mushroom-house using the Polygonal lasso tool.
  4. I cut out the clouds from different images to get some variations, and I also flipped some of them 180 degrees.
  5. The cut-outs I pasted into my new document one by one, on different layers for each element.
  6. To color in my elements, I clicked on each layer belonging to each element. Doing this, I also enhanced the outline of the collage, as I wanted a clear outline for each element.
  7. Lastly, I linked all my layers, saved as both PDF and JPEG and VOILA – I had my end result.

I love Photoshop. It has NO limits!

In regards to the design studio I’ve previously written about, I really tried to use the thing that appealed most to me in the illustrations they make:

  • “Childish”, animal drawings
  • Mellow, along with strong color usage.
  •  and also, first thing that caught my eye searching through the Internet for them, a purple butterfly.

I’ve also kept my own personal style in this, using a couple of colors in different tones.

Here’s all the colors used:

Until next week: Rock’n’Roll

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