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Typographic Principles – Learning Activity 1.1

“Do some research and find different examples of typography used in different types of published, and informative media.
Make a moodboard in Photoshop of the different publications, and present this on your reflective diary. Reflect over the different variations of typography in the examples presented.”

Another academic week, another learning subject received by Noroff. This week – typography.
I’ve never had any clue about this subject, and I’m pretty stoked about learning and reading about this.
I understand how powerful writing and font styles are, as it’s the first that speaks to the reader, along with background and color. But jeeez, there’s so much more to this than I thought!!

Here’s my moodboard followed by a reflection over the typography:

1. Finans Avisen – This newspaper only uses sans-serif. All writing is in the same font, and the font does not mislead you away from the meaning of the text, and is suitable for a financial news paper like this.
2. Haugesunds Avis – The name of the newspaper itself is written with serif. All other writing, is in sans-serif.
You see this in a lot of local newspapers. The name might not be the easiest to read, but it’s highly recognizable for the newspaper as a regular published media to the readers.
3. Bonytt – The title of the magazine is written with serif. All other text seems to be in sans-serif.
Title only contains uppercase letters, the same as with the other headers in the magazine. The font gives an expression of being right to the case.
4. Historie – Once again, title only contains uppercase letters, using serif.
5. Dagbladet – This tabloid only uses sans-serif, both in title, and in headers and text.
6. Interiør – Title has serif. The font used, and the mellow color choice, gives an expression of good taste and style and is probably a direct opposite of the next example.
7. Her og Nå – A bold title with sans-serif. Boldness of the letters, and the background color, gives an expression of being thrown in your face, and it’s very forward. This can be seen in most gossip magazines, and I’d say it’s a major sales point behind the text choice.
8. Elle – A more “classic perception” serif title again, written all in uppercase letters. Different fonts on the front cover has been used, both sans-serif and with serif.

Next entry – Analog typography.