Analog Typography – Learning Activity 1.2

Last week was a bit of a mad week, and  even though I managed to finish my sketches and doodlings, I didn’t manage to actually present it in my journal here on WordPress. This was the one of the tasks:

“Pick three letters in the alphabet, and practise sketching them, both with serif and sans-serif.
Describe the challenges with the different fonts, and present them on your reflective journal.”

I picked the letters M, P and T for some variation.

The biggest challenge, was to make the serif look good without using any help lines or rulers.
Sans-serif is pretty straight forward, however, I’d also prefer to use a ruler on these.
Doodling letters are always fun, and hope I managed to get some variations on my sketch.
It was helpful anyways, in regards to getting the hang of serif and sans-serif.

That’s all folks.



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