Font Families – Learning Activity 2.2

“With the three letters you picked in the previous learning activity, you will now have to sketch each of these in 4 main font families.
Please pick 2 serif and 2 sans-serif families.
Present your work on the reflective journal and describe why you picked the 4 fonts. Also, please explain what the main difference is between them.”

1. Times New Roman
This font was created by Victor Lardent in 1931, and is probably one of the most well-known fonts using serif.
The font has often been used as a default font in many applications in MS Windows.
It was originally made famous by the newspaper ‘The Times’, and was used in their paper for 40 years.
Times New Roman is inspired by Plantin.
I really love the classic look of this font, and I truly believe it’ll never disappear.

2. Constantina
This is a suite typeface with serif, that comes with several Microsoft Operating Systems. It was designed by John Hudson, who started the development of the font in 2003.
Constantina is featured in Microsoft ClearType collection.
This collection was created to improve the reading experience in Microsoft for Windows Vista and MS Office 2007.
This is also why I like this font. It’s highly readable, both in capital and lowercase letters. It also has some sharp serif, which gives it a bit more edge, than the Times New Roman font.

3. Verdana
This font is a humanist sans-serif typeface. It was designed by Matthew Carter for the Microsoft Corporation, and released in 1996.
It was designed to be readable in a small size on the computer screen.
The font is pretty similar to other sans-serif fonts.

4. Helvetica
Helvetica was developed in 1957 in Switzerland by the typeface designer Max Miedinger, and Eduard Hoffman.
The font is classified as a neo-grotesque sans-serif.
Helvetica is among the most widely used sans-serif typefaces, and it exists in several alphabets and scripts, such as Latin, Hebrew, Greek and more.
In my opinion, the font has a bold feeling to it, even in a smaller size.

This was a surprisingly hard task, as I had a hard time finding the information I needed on main families in typography.
I’ve read everything in the curriculum that we were supposed to read, and I’ve done research on Wikipedia and Google.

I think I need to read the curriculum again…

Next entry – Digital Letters



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