Hi guys,

Last task of the week was to create digital letters in Adobe Illustrator, using some of the sketches made previously.

All I can say is: Illustrator HATES me. All the lectures provided online was good and all, but the program did not do what I wanted it to do.
So after a massive staring and yelling contest with my computer screen, I finally managed to do this (please note that the files are uploaded in .jpeg, so the smooth vector graphics you get in Illustrator might seem more pixellated here, than from the .ai files which is the Illustrator work files.):

I started off using the Pencil tool, to test it out. However, I quickly found out that the trace tool is way easier, and especially for typography.
All letters are made with the trace tool, and I’ve used the pen tool to touch up the lines.
It might not look perfect, but this was the best I could possibly come up with as a first time user. I’m happy with them anyways – but I really need more practise in Illustrator, so I am going to spend the rest of this week with my new enemy – Adobe Illustrator.

Next week is actually our autumn holidays, but I’m planning to work on both our photography and logo hand in.

Anyways, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and a brilliant (summer) weekend.
(Gosh, it’s warm!)

Untill next time…. Rock’N’Roll                   


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  1. Annette Berg Dahlen

    Syns Illustrator er sykt krevende jeg også, og det er mye som ikke stemmer i forhold til videoleksjonene. Vi får vel bare øve oss, prøve og feile. God ferie og lykke til med oppgavene 🙂

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