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Digital Color – Learning Activity 2.1

“Focus on one of the sketches you did earlier in the week, and make a symbol out of it in vector graphics for a fictional product or a company.
You will have to put color(s) to the symbol, and the color(s) will have to relate to the principles within color theory. (Color symbolism, triad, complimentary colors etc.)
Present the identity of the fictional product or company, and explain your color choice.”

The goal of this task was to train our skills to express a visual message through a symbol. The color choice is supposed to enhance the message.

This was the symbol I came up with (please remember that I’m completely new in Illustrator, and¬†struggling¬†a bit):

I’ll start with the vision behind the idea I came up with.

So, I obviously sketched a few bell peppers earlier in the week, so I had to base the idea around this.
The idea is a company called “FRISK” (fresh in English).¬†This company only retails organic vegetables to different food markets and convenience stores in Norway.

Bell peppers naturally have bright and fresh colors, so I decided to stick with the natural colors in the symbol it self.
The reason I gave the stem a bit of a twirl, was to lighten up the whole look, making it a bit more interesting to look at. It also suits the font I chose.

I’ve chosen one primary color – red.¬†One secondary color – green.¬†And also a tertiary¬†color – blue/green, for the font itself.

Primary colors: Red, Yellow and Blue
Secondary colors: Green, orange and purple
Tertiary colors:  Blue/Green,Red/Orange, Red/Purple, Blue/Purple, Blue/Green and Yellow/Green.

I chose these colors because…

Red РAssociated with power and energy: Sales point would be that organic vegetables  is healthy and will give you energy and power.
Green РAssociated with growth: Sales point would be growth for kids, no additives (which is the point of organic products anyways.)
Blue(/Green) – Peace and harmony: Sales point would be a sense of peace and harmony when eating organic vegetables.

The whole idea all in all was to make the symbol healthy – in which I think I’ve managed to do ūüôā

Hopefully, I nailed it :p

Have a good weekend people!



Color Mixing – Learning Activity 1.1

Haha, I messed up this task a bit, and didn’t achieve the perspective we were supposed to end up with!
I also ended up with more paint on my face and in my hair, than on this color “map”.

“Divide an A3 paper into 5x5cm squares with a pencil and a ruler.
Draw in a pencil perspective, and let the perspective lines follow the square outlines.
Chose a complimentary color couple from the color circle.
With the complimentary colors and its different shades (from light to dark), color in each square so that you achieve a perspective .
None of the squares are supposed to have the same color shade.”

I should have pre-mixed the colors before I started painting… But I didn’t. So the colors are a bit all over the place in certain areas.
However, I did manage to paint all the squares into different shades:

As you can see, I have chosen purple and yellow from the color circle as complimentary colors.

To get purple, I mixed red and blue. Yellow is already a primary color, so didn’t have to pre-mix anything to get yellow.
To get lighter and darker shades of the complimentary couple, I added white and black paint into the mix.

I understand the basics, all though I know I messed up this task a bit.

One more entry to go, and I’m done with this educational week.



Logo research – Mandatory Hand-in (Oblig 02)

“Chose between a chocolate, coffee or a cereal. Come up with a logo design and a brand/name for the product.
Do research, define; target group, qualities you want the logo to express, the challenge in the design, and the name itself.”

This is only the first part of the assignment, so further explanation in regards to brainstorming, sketches, illustrations, and completion in Adobe Illustrator will be posted in later entries.

I quickly decided to pick a chocolate product. I’m a girl –¬†I eat chocolate, I love chocolate, I’m a chocoholic. Girl means chocolate in “jibberish”, look it up in the dictionary :p


Chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. Chocolate originated from the Mayan-indians, who lived in Mexico and South-America where the cocoa trees  grew wild waaaaaaay back in 600 BC.

The cocoa beans grows on the cocoa tree. The Mayans roasted the cocoa beans and used them to make hot chocolate mixed with water and various spices.
This¬†drink was¬†called ‘chocolatl’ – and¬†this is where¬†the word¬†‘chocolate’¬†comes from.

Milk chocolate is chocolate containing milk powder or condensed milk. In the EU/EEA, the required minimum is 30% cocoa percentage in a chocolate product, while in the U.S. the required percentage is 10%!
The most famous milk chocolate in Norway is Freia Milk Chocolate, and it has been produced since 1906.

Milk¬†Chocolate was originally¬†a Swiss¬†product and it first made it’s appearance on the¬†market in¬†1875.

The most known Norwegian Chocolate manufacturers:

  • Freia
  • Hval
  • Minde
  • Nidar

Switzerland, Belgium and USA are the biggest manufacturers of chocolate in the world, but I have decided to just focus on the Norwegian market.

Chocolate is enjoyed as a snack, and has no age limits. By age limits, I mean that chocolate is being enjoyed by kids, teenagers as well as matures and extremely old people :p

In this next section, I’ll show you some examples on Norwegian chocolate¬†manufacturers design and logos – which will also give an image of who I’m¬†considering¬†as competitors for my logo, in the chocolate market.

Appeals to both genders, name og chocolate describes flavor, no age limit, clear typography and bright color usage

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

My goals for this assignment:

– Target Group: Norwegian market, kids aged between 3 and 8 years old of the male gender.
РThe logo will show: That my chocolate has a round, milky and sweet taste, and it will have to attract a very young consumer. The logo and design, should attract attention among various other sweets and chocolate products with my color choice, typography and design.
РThe challenge in the design will be: Choosing the right typography and design, to attract the age and sex of my target group.
– Product name: Must be unique, have a certain clang to it, and again, attract the target group.

So, that’s about it for now. I’ve already started brainstorming the product name and flavor, and I’m enjoying the assignment.
As this is a mandatory hand-in, I’ve got more time to do this, compared to the learning activities, which means that I’ll be focusing on this weeks tasks before I add anymore posts on the progress of my logo. Stay tuned though ūüôā



Perspective drawing – Learning Activity 2.1

Next assignment…

“Stroll around in your local area, and sketch up at least three different perspective drawings.

These are suppose to be line drawings, and please make sure of the height of your eyes.

  • How did you experience the assignment?
  • How did you¬†exercise the task, and why?”
Ah man, I can tell you this much; I’m not supposed to be an architect. I can’t
¬†draw a house, even if it was a matter of ¬†life and death ūüė¶ Anyways. I tried.

Here’s the three drawings I’ve picked out to present here:

First drawing Рdentist office. 
While anxiously waiting  for a friend of mine, I had some time to kill, and a sketch book in my bag.
I was sitting directly facing the door. Might look as though the  floor is a bit steep, so I probably should have made the lines going up to the VP (vanishing point) a bit wider. This is a one-point perspective drawing.

Second drawing Рan old barn. It looks pretty awful,  but after several attempts, I picked out this one, as one looked worse than the other. I was struggling with all the two-points perspective drawings, but at least I gave it a fair try.
At least it was fun doing, so I’ll¬†have no problems¬†practicing¬†this on my spare time.

Third drawing – random road. Suppose this could be anywhere in Norway, however, it’s not too far away from my house. Once again, this is a one point perspective drawing.
Looking at it now, I should have made the road a bit more flat, as it looks as though I’m standing¬†above¬†the road, while sketching it.
It should have been flattened, and the power poles should have been placed with a bit more of a distance between them.
Suppose I was in a bit of a hurry, as the rain came lashing down (as it always does here on the West coast).

The assignment was grand and all (pardon my Irish slang), but hard. Looking back, I should have focused more on the realistic proportions  in each drawing.
One point perspective is easier than two point.
I did an attempt doing an isometric drawing along with a three points sketch as well, but don’t think I did it correctly. And therefore, I’m not putting it up here.

Each drawing has been sketched up by putting down the VP’s first. The crossing lines works as help lines, and makes the vision of the drawing come together as a base.
I have not attempted any shadowing or fancy techniques in this learning activity, as I felt as though it was a bit too hard to get a hang of.
Sketching straight lines, and perspective does not come naturally to me, so I need more practice before I can focus on a more advanced perspective drawing.

I’m off to do some painting for my color mixing task.
Have a nice one ūüôā