At the start of the week…

Alright. Autumn holidays over, and I hope you’s all had some brilliant and relaxing days off.

New educational week, and more fun stuff to do. Week four – sketch technique and color theory.
This means a whole lot of sketching, and even some painting to do. At the end, we’re suppose to digitize in Illustrator again.

I’ve started off the week by reading the curriculum, as I normally do on a Monday, and I’ll start the first learning activity tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, check out this awesome lighthouse five minutes down the road from my house:

This was unfortunately taken earlier this year, and I’m unable to use it in my photo archive. The photo looks nice non-edited as well, however, I’m a dedicated edit monster, and I’m completely in love with this look.
It was actually taken with a Fuji Finepix S1600, which is a bridge camera – and it’s been edited in PS, using noise reduction and a nice little color dash trick I’ve previously learned through some tutorials on YouTube.

I’m a slave to these PS tutorials, and it’s insanely helpful when you’re stuck at something.

Check some of them out here:

Anyways, I wish everyone a productive and creative week 🙂



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