Shadow Drawing – Learning Activity 1.1

I love sketching,  and wish I was actually good at it :p

First assignment for week 4:

“Pick out one single object and put it on a clean surface with a light source. Practice sketching the shadows of the object, and use different shadowing techniques. 
Move the light source around, and find different shapes of the shadow.
Present your sketches on your reflective diary, and describe how you experienced this drawing session. 

  • Did it make you see your surroundings in a different way?
  • How has it influenced your knowledge of shapes?
  • Why do you think we gave you this task?”

Unfortunately, my scanner went a bit haywire today, and I wasn’t able to scan all of my sketches. I’ll add a few more when I’ve bashed the scanner back to life 🙂

My first three sketches was drawn outside on my balcony, using the sun as a light source. I picked my favorite vegetable , the bell pepper!



On the first three sketches, I’ve only been considering the shape of the shadow, and I didn’t really try any other techniques.
However, like I said, I’ll post a few more, to show that I have in fact used some other techniques as well.

I’m not in the possession of any power to move the sun, so I ended up moving the bell pepper around in different heights, and angels to get some variation.

This learning activity have made me obsessed with shadows, and I completely look at details of my surroundings in different ways.
I am now constantly looking at the shadows, and the way several light sources can make a shadow not making logical sense at all…until you study the object further.

I think my knowledge of shapes were pretty lousy from before, so if anything, it’s made me more curious, especially in regards to shadows.
Round objects – hard to draw, as it makes funny shapes.
Straight lined/squared objects – easier to draw, and gives a “harder” shape to the object (depending on how strong the light source is).

In regards to why we were handed this task, I am pretty sure it was to make us aware of how a single object, can cast a million different shadows, in different light settings.
Not only can it be used in sketching, but it can be used for graphic design,  photography, and much more related to our multimedia design course.

Happy days!



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