Color Mixing – Learning Activity 1.1

Haha, I messed up this task a bit, and didn’t achieve the perspective we were supposed to end up with!
I also ended up with more paint on my face and in my hair, than on this color “map”.

“Divide an A3 paper into 5x5cm squares with a pencil and a ruler.
Draw in a pencil perspective, and let the perspective lines follow the square outlines.
Chose a complimentary color couple from the color circle.
With the complimentary colors and its different shades (from light to dark), color in each square so that you achieve a perspective .
None of the squares are supposed to have the same color shade.”

I should have pre-mixed the colors before I started painting… But I didn’t. So the colors are a bit all over the place in certain areas.
However, I did manage to paint all the squares into different shades:

As you can see, I have chosen purple and yellow from the color circle as complimentary colors.

To get purple, I mixed red and blue. Yellow is already a primary color, so didn’t have to pre-mix anything to get yellow.
To get lighter and darker shades of the complimentary couple, I added white and black paint into the mix.

I understand the basics, all though I know I messed up this task a bit.

One more entry to go, and I’m done with this educational week.



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