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Image Analysis – Learning Activity 1.1

“Execute an image analysis of one of the pictures given to you by the following principals:

  • Composition
  • Objectives and message

Reflect over the relationship between the composition and objective/message in the image.

The goal of the task is to develop a knowledge of what it is that communicates an objective or a message in an image.”

I chose the following image:


The format of the  image is upright rectangular.

In the image, you are able to see the full body figure shapes of the four people walking down the street, making it a large total.

A large total means that the human(s) in an image is a part of the picture, along with the surroundings  – and a part of the understanding of the whole image.

The image is slightly asymmetrical.

Explanation to the composition of the image:  

Blue Lines: Showing the symmetry of the picture. The people in the picture is mostly centered, but leaning slightly to the right. This is enhanced by the way the sun is shines, as the sunbeams hits the image more to the right than the left.
Yellow Lines: The image clearly have some diagonal lines.
These lines leads the image in the same direction as the people seems to be walking, giving the message in the picture a sort of an underline.
The diagonal lines also makes you discover more than the center of the image, making your eyes wander.
Red line: The sun is a natural focal point in the image at your first glance. With some help from the trees, the sun forms a natural circle in the image.
Green line: The image also contains a triangle shape, pointing in the same direction as the diagonal lines, and leading the same way as the people are walking.

The image is also captured in the Golden Ratio – although I’m not sure if this was actually the purpose, as it’s not too obvious.
The Golden Ratio = A line divided so that the smaller portion in the image relates to the larger portion, which again relates to the full portion in the image.

I have drawn the Golden Ratio with lines in the image:

My interpretation of the message/objective in the image:

As mentioned earlier, all diagonal lines along with the triangle is pointing in the same direction as the people in the image is walking – which is away from the viewer and “towards” the sun.
The contrast of dark and bright in the image is created by the sun and the shadows.
As the people are walking towards the sun, and away from the shadows, the image has a calm, happy feel to it. This is enhanced by the two people in the middle holding hands, which gives an impression of love.

At first glance looking at the image, I was thinking; “these people must be heading into town for a night out or something”.
After studying the image for a good while working on the analysis, I still have that feeling.
This is an image of four friends (maybe the two holding hands are a couple) heading somewhere together to have a good, fun, happy time together, enjoying the nice weather.

Well, that is my opinion and analysis anyways 🙂



Illustration – My song pick (Oblig 3)

Another mandatory hand-in at the start of the week.

“A musician or a band contacts you, and ask you to do a visual illustration of one of their songs.
Choose the music your self.

The goal of the task is to create a new and original expression to the song, as the illustration is supposed to give the music another dimension of depth.
Solve the task in Photoshop – but the illustration also have to contain vector graphics produced in Illustrator.
The illustration is not supposed to contain any text or lyrics.

Make a poster in the following format:
50x70cm with a 3 mm bleed and in a 300 dpi resolution.”

I instantly started thinking of which song I wanted to make this illustration for.
I went through many bands in my head, and a lot of my favorite lyrics.

I landed on ‘WASP – Hold On To My Heart’.

This is the song:



There’s a flame, flame in my heart
And there’s no rain, can put it out
And there’s a flame, its burning in my heart
And there’s no rain, ooh can put it out
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Take away the pain, inside my soul
And I’m afraid, so all alone
Take away the pain, is burning in my soul
Cause I’m afraid that I’ll be all alone
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
And oh no, don’t let me go cause all I am
You hold in your hands, and hold me
And I’ll make it through the night
And I’ll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heart

This great little tune is from WASP’s album called ‘The Crimson Idol’. Basically the whole album is based on a story of a teenager called Jonathan Aaron Steel.
Jonathan runs away from home when his brother is killed in a car accident, as he’s got issues with his parents.

From here on, his life becomes complicated, and he wanders the street with his guitar.
On his way to stardom, he becomes addicted to alcohol and drugs – and cocaine in particular.

‘Hold On To My Heart’ is one of the last songs on the album, where Jonathan is tired, and in need of help.

This particular album is Blackie Lawless’ concept album, and it’s very different and more mellow than any other rock’n’roll tunes the band has ever done.

I’ve seen it live, and it’s amazing. Definitely one of my favorite bands of all times.
Correction – Blackie Lawless is one of my favorite musicians of all time, as he’s basically the songwriter and the only original member left in the band.

This album lies close to my heart – and I know every single lyric, finger pick and chord played on it.
Quite a natural pick for my illustration.



Seasonal Pattern – Learning Activity 2.1

“The goal of this learning activity is to see how a photo image can be the base of an illustration and furthermore, a pattern.

In this task, you are supposed to create a pattern report. The pattern is to be based on a seasonal illustration, that you will have to cut and paste into the pattern report.

Use the pictures you’ve earlier taken this week during the previous learning activities to execute the task.

Use Adobe Photoshop to add colors , and to check if the pattern can be tiled.”

This was a great task – and something I’ve done before. Creating your own patterns by using your own photos, tiling and measuring up stuff – I’m pretty good at it. At least I think I am. Ok, so maybe I should let you all be the judge of that :p
Earlier in the summer of this year, I was asked to create a custom-made pattern for a friend, in which was supposed to be the pattern on a dress.
The dress is in the making, so maybe I’ll put it up here when it’s done (:

Anyways, enough of my ramblings and back to the learning activity.

Looking through my photos, I wasn’t able to be instantly inspired to make any sort of illustration on paper.
I decided to do it all digitally, meaning, I didn’t sketch up anything in advance.

Everything has been created in Photoshop – my favorite program in the whole world!

The base of the pattern was this picture:

Maybe not the most fall inspired picture – but that was something I could focus on during the coloring.

Next step was to choose which elements I wanted to put into my pattern. Zooming in on the picture, I found this wee little flower bud:

I thought the shape was quite interesting, so I cut the flower bud out and pasted it into a new document several times, and managed to create a circular shape by rotating the flower bud in different ways.

When I had the final shape that I wanted for my pattern, I used the define pattern option in Photoshop, and proceeded by creating a new document.

In my new document, which was bigger than the previous document, I filled in the pattern I had created to get the tiled effect we were supposed to get.
Both background color and pattern color was filled in as well at this stage, and this is my final result:

The pattern looks like a table-cloth, or possibly a fall inspired knitted jumper pattern :p

Have a nice weekend everyone!