Aperture – Learning Activity 1.1

“In this task, focus on the aperture and manual focus.
The goal is to use manual focus, aperture and shutter speed consciously.

In this learning activity, you will have to practice large depth of field, and small depth of field in the photos you capture. You are supposed to take two series of images, and the theme is season (summer, fall, winter or spring):

1. Landscape photography with a large depth of field.
2. Close-up pictures with a small depth of field.”

As we’re now in the fall/winter season, I’ve tried to capture some earthy natural colors, especially in the landscape photos.

(In advance, I apologize for my lens not being clean – you can see some black dots in some of the images… annoying, I know).

Weather was thankfully gorgeous today as well, so most of these were taken today, right around the corner from where I live.

The monument is by the way “Harald’s støtten”, which is a viking monument.
This is where Harald Hårfagre supposedly has been buried.

First five images is close-up pictures, showing a small depth of field. You can clearly see the blurry background, against a more clear foreground and subject.
Last five images are landscape pictures, showing a large depth of field, meaning there is no blur in the pictures, as in the close-ups.

I really enjoyed this task, as I love photography. I’ve used manual settings before (I normally do), but it was way much more challenging using manual focus as well.
A bit tricky in the beginning, but think I am getting the hang of it.

Really handy, in regards to analogue photography as well, and hopefully, I’ll be able to master my baby, my Yashica old school analogue cam now 😉

Anyways, I’m off to create some patterns in Photoshop for my next and final learning activity for the week.



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