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4 surfaces, 4 principles – Learning Activity 1.1

“Illustrate the expression of the following four principles: Balance, contrast, lines and rhythm.

  • Create four separate surfaces.
  • Name the separate surfaces with the four principles mentioned above.
  • Make an outline (digital or analogue) using one of your simple sketches used in previous learning activities. (It’s only important to have an element, and not which element you pick.)
  • Place one or more of the same outline of the element you picked on each surface. Visualize the four principles by placing the element(s) in different ways.”

I did this learning activity digitally, using Adobe Photoshop.
My pick was the bell pepper made in academic week 4, ‘Sketch technique and color’.

This was no stress really, as I used the grid and rulers to align the elements.
Here’s the result:

Only one more post to go before the Christmas holiday (:



My Illustration – Final Result (Oblig 3)

I actually forgot to post the main sketch I used for my Illustration yesterday.
Well anyways, the poster was built on these sketches:

And after struggling with Illustrator (again), and enjoying Photoshop (again), I ended up with this:

Finally, the hand-in has been handed in!

I’ve got just a few more things to do, before stuffing my face with x-mas chocolate and yummy food 🙂



Idea development, Sketches and such – Illustration (Oblig.3)

In the beginning of this mandatory hand-in, I was super stoked and inspired. However, it has proven to be more difficult than I imagined at the beginning.

I’ve thought I had some good ideas, I’ve been stuck, frustrated, I’ve thought I was on to something, then really insecure about the whole poster.

However, I did have a certain idea from the beginning that I’ve built on for the past weeks.

Idea development:
As the song I’ve chosen doesn’t really contain a whole lot of different words and meanings, I started out by writing down the main things in the lyrics that I think of when listening to it.
* Flame
* Hands
* Heart
* Dark
* Crimson red
* Desperation

As this song, and the rest of the album is directed at dedicated fans, this became my target group.
By this, I mean dedicated fans that knows this album, and WASP by heart, such as myself.
The target group doesn’t really have any set age, as people of all age is easily into
different types of music.
Also, the objects in my illustration is something that anyone can recognize.

From the very start, I had an idea of a poster with two hands holding a heart with a flame inside. Pretty much a direct illustration of the song.
I was stuck on this thought, and on the idea that the illustration style was going to be more tattoo inspired, as tattoo and rock goes hand in hand.

I created a moodboard for inspiration:

The moodboard contains some album art, tattoos of the objects I wanted to illustrate, tattoo stencils, and a similar color range that I already had in my mind.

So, I started sketching:

I scanned the sketches, and started working on the different elements that I had drawn up.
I also used Google images for inspiration, searching for images such as ‘hands’, ‘hand sketches’, ‘human heart’, ‘flames’ and ‘hands holding’.

The hand-in is due tomorrow, and I am pretty much done with it. Just need to add some finishing touches in Illustrator and finish my report.
Result will be uploaded here tomorrow as well.



Illustration – Poster Research (Oblig 3)

In our mandatory hand in, the poster size is supposed to be in this format:
50×70, 300 dpi with a 3 mm bleed.

This seems to be a standard format for posters, although there is also other formats to be used for different effects such as panorama and squared in different measurements.
A rectangular poster can also have other measurements.

Some technical words:

Bleed – Added size to the image, normally placed at 3 mm extra elements (images, lines or color bars), which is outside the net format of the print.
This is to avoid the white “glitch” when the print is cropped.

DPI – (dots per inch) is a measure of image resolution. 300 dpi, high-resolution, is normally used for print.

Gross format – the net format + bleed (50,3 x 70,3cm).

Net format – the format the print is cropped to in the final result (50 x 70 cm).

Here is the format I am going to use, included bleed of 3mm and safety margin of 10mm:

I’ve got a whole bunch of sketches ready, as I have already been working on this hand-in for a couple of weeks.
Can’t wait to be done with this one 🙂



Photo-Theme – Learning Activity 2.1

“Choose one of the following themes:

  • Mass-destruction
  •  Power
  • Christmas
  • Birth
  • Love

Find a photo that communicates the theme you have chosen.”

For this task, I chose the theme “power”.

Power is portrayed in many ways, and can be looked at and displayed as good or bad.

The photo I’ve chosen displays “power gone bad”.

The photo is taken in world war two, and is showing us two Nazi officers pointing  guns at two men, facing down towards some sort of trench.
Surrounding the officers and their victims, there’s a bunch of Nazi soldiers watching the whole thing.

The power lies in the officers hands (the guns) in this instance – as they can chose to kill or not, holding the guns to the back of the victims heads.
The Nazis and Hitler had an incredible amount of power that demanded an insane high number of deaths back in this period of time.

I assume, that the two victims are Jewish. And I also assume that the two Jews did in fact get killed after this photo was taken.
What looks like a trench, might in fact be a mass grave, in which the Jews fell into after being shot.

To me, this photo shows the power the Nazis had in World War II – and therefore, it also displays the theme I picked; power.

Also, the soldiers are strictly lined up at the back of the photo, which suggest respect towards the officers, which again can be associated with power.

Composition of the photo:

The image is captured in the Golden Ratio as shown below:

The photo is also built up on diagonal and horizontal lines.
Some of these have been outlined below:

These lines helps the viewer around the image, and makes you look at the surroundings, and not just the main part (officers, guns and the Jews).

The photo is nearly a perfect square, and some sort of mix between a large total, total and half total.

The obvious contrast is black an white, but also contains a contrast of fearful and non-fearful.

Well, that’s it from me folks. For now anyways.
Have a nice weekend.