4 surfaces, 4 principles – Learning Activity 1.1

“Illustrate the expression of the following four principles: Balance, contrast, lines and rhythm.

  • Create four separate surfaces.
  • Name the separate surfaces with the four principles mentioned above.
  • Make an outline (digital or analogue) using one of your simple sketches used in previous learning activities. (It’s only important to have an element, and not which element you pick.)
  • Place one or more of the same outline of the element you picked on each surface. Visualize the four principles by placing the element(s) in different ways.”

I did this learning activity digitally, using Adobe Photoshop.
My pick was the bell pepper made in academic week 4, ‘Sketch technique and color’.

This was no stress really, as I used the grid and rulers to align the elements.
Here’s the result:

Only one more post to go before the Christmas holiday (:



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