Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

Layout styles – Learning Activity

“Find some front covers of magazines, tabloids and brochures.
Group them in symmetrical layout, asymmetrical layout and combinations of the two.
Which ones stands out? What works best, and why?
Discuss on the forum, and present on your reflective journal.”

I’ll start with my symmetrical findings:


Here’s my asymmetrical ones:

And a combination of the two:

 Symmetrical layout:
It appears clean and direct in most cases, and doesn’t really make your eye wander about too much. It’s efficient in newspapers, where the reader/viewer wants to concentrate on the content, and maybe not so much on the actual impression of the layout. However, add a bit of color into the mix, and the viewer gets a more lively layout.

Asymmetrical layout:
Might appear messy to the viewer, but lively and more youthful altogether.
It’s a bit more exiting for a fashion magazine to use a well shaped asymmetrical layout to draw attention to the cover from the buyer in my opinion.
It also appear more “artsy”, and attracts a more creative eye maybe?

Combination layout:
This is my favorite layout I suppose. It really brings attention around the whole layout, and doesn’t focus on just one aspect.
However, this might also seem a bit messy, but it suits magazines such as National Geographic, music genre magazines and even gossip magazines well.

I find layouts a bit confusing still, and I’m trying to separate between symmetrical and asymmetrical, however, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
Hope I’ve done this correctly anyways.