Introduction HTML and CSS – Learning activity 1.1 Index Page

Back in business!

After a good few months on maternity leave, I’m back.
So, fist subject on my curriculum; introduction to HTML and CSS – yikes!

“Use notepad to create a website called index.html with the following content:

  • Header text element
  • Paragraph text element
  • Image element
  •  Link to reflective journal

Choose which content the elements should contain, and test it in your browser”.

Here’s how the screenshot of my notepad looked like:


And this is how it looked like in my browser:


The biggest technical challenge in this learning activity, was the image insertion.
Text was pretty easy to minimize and maximize, as it was well explained in the lessons received in our classroom.

However, after trying and failing with the image for a while, I finally realized I had misspelled “img src”. I actually wrote “img scr”.
Oh, the headache this little misspell caused.
Hehe – anyway, I should have spent a bit more time to study the details there. This was  obviously a very fixable thing, however lesson learned.
I’ll be more careful with the spellings in the codes from now on… 🙂

Next learning activity to be added soon.


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