Introduction to HTML and CSS – Learning Activity 1.3 CSS, Font and Colour

“Add font and colour to the index.html file already created:

  • Add font and colour to the header text elements, and the paragraph elements.
  • Test out the result in your browser.
  • Add a print screen of the CSS file, and how it all looks like in your browser.”

Here’s how my CSS file looks like:


And, this is how it looks like in my browser:

Finito CSS

Notepad has actually been pretty easy to use during these learning activities, however, it’s a bit dull to stare at for hours.
I mean, as notepad is pretty generic looking, letters and codes easily floats together, after a few hours in front of the screen. Suppose it’s pretty important to be organized when using notepad.

I have to admit, I wasn’t really concentrating on making this little “website” visually attractive. As I’ve never touched webdesign before, I was more concentrating on getting into the basics, and understanding my tasks.
But now, after being able to test out a few things, troubleshooting mistakes and reading loads, I’ll be able to concentrate more on the design and visual expression in the code.

Basically, as a designer, the sky is the limit when it comes to CSS and HTML.
There are so many codes, and tags that will enable you to create aesthetics and attractive websites. I suppose you will have to listen to the client, combined with a large portion of creativity when producing a website.

However, the subject is indeed extremely interesting. Hopefully, this will all go well 😉



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