Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Navigation and Introduction to Dreamweaver – Learning Activity 2.2 – Building Blocks

“Pick out three websites from the previous learning activity.

  • Define each website’s elements and building blocks.
  • Create a wireframe of each of the three sites main page.
  • Name the building blocks.”

A bit of random naming of the blocks here, don’t know if I’ve got the hang on the technical terms quite yet, but here’s my go at the task:

Wireframe – http://www.karmoygeddon.no:


Pretty simple website – only aiming to provide information to the viewer.

Wireframe – http://www.listeverse.com:


Several blocks containing links to specific lists, whether it’s recently added ones, “top ten” ones or the most popular ones.

Wireframe – http://www.matprat.no


More elements than the two previous sites. Own bloc for memeber area of the site. And there’s alo two search engines on main page of the site.

That’s it for now…