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Navigation and Introduction to Dreamweaver – Learning Activity 2.5 – Wireframe Dreamweaver

“Using the website you created in week 17 with a word processing program, please create a wireframe that shows how the structure of the website is going to be presented visually.
Look back on previous learning activities, to see how you can structure the elements that you wish to display on the website.

Open the existing index.html file that you created in week 17, and divide the content into building blocks with id attributes.

Test the result in your web browser, create a print screen, and present on your reflective journal.
(Next week we will place the building blocks at the designated areas, according to the wireframe created this week…)”.

Here’s my wireframe:

Wireframe første HTML

Here’s how the index file looked like before adding id attributes:


And here’s how it looks like after adding the id attributes:

HTML etter id tags

Not too much of a change, but I’m exited for next week just to see how this will end up.
I’m really starting to understand more in the world of Webdesign. However, I have to keep my tongue straight in my mouth, cause it seems like if you misunderstand, or make a small mistake, it really takes a lot of effort to straighten out again. (Especially if you don’t understand where the error has been made…).

Also, I haven’t quite started this periods mandatory hand-in just yet. Really felt lost when starting up this subject, so I figured I get more into the learning activities before creating the website that we are supposed to.
Feels like I’m getting ready now though, and might just take some time away from my little baby boy to get things started.

Have a nice weekend all!