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Week 19 – Box Model – Learning Activity 3.2

“Please open up a new HTML document, and add three <p> tags with text.
Place the three <p> tags in a <div id> tag.
Save the file in an html format.

With a new CSS Styling document, add the following properties and values to the <p> tag:

Margin: 15 px
Padding: 5 px
Background-colour: #999
Border: Thin, Solid, #000

Make a print screen of the HTML document, tested in your browser and add name to the box model content.”

Here’s the result:


Not too sure if I have done the naming correctly, as I was a bit confused to what we were supposed to do at the last part of the task.
Managed to do this technically correct though – just hope the naming part was how we were supposed to solve that part of the learning activity.



Week 19 – Adobe Dreamweaver CSS – Learning Activity 3.1

“Keep on using the HTML website you’ve previously been working on. Make sure that your CSS file is linked to your html file.

Add different background colour to the different div-tag boxes defined in the HTML document.

Mark one word that is repetitive on your website, and style it as you wish (colour, font, size, bold etc.)

Add a thin solid black border to one of the tag elements on your website.”

Here’s how it looks like in Dreamweaver – at least some of it… 🙂

Styled HTML

And, this is how it looks like in Firefox:


Alright! Fun stuff 🙂