Week 19 – Box Model – Learning Activity 3.2

“Please open up a new HTML document, and add three <p> tags with text.
Place the three <p> tags in a <div id> tag.
Save the file in an html format.

With a new CSS Styling document, add the following properties and values to the <p> tag:

Margin: 15 px
Padding: 5 px
Background-colour: #999
Border: Thin, Solid, #000

Make a print screen of the HTML document, tested in your browser and add name to the box model content.”

Here’s the result:


Not too sure if I have done the naming correctly, as I was a bit confused to what we were supposed to do at the last part of the task.
Managed to do this technically correct though – just hope the naming part was how we were supposed to solve that part of the learning activity.



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