Week 21 – Photo Editing – Learning Activity 2.2

“In this activity, you will practice making adjustments of digital images in Adobe Photoshop.

On your reflective journal, please present the three images from the previous learning activity, but this time…:

  • One of the images should have a contrast between light and dark.
  • One image will have to be converted to black and white, where you will have to work with the values to enhance the shapes in the image.
  • One image, that is already high-key or low-key should be adjusted to an image with normal values.”

First of all, I  want to present the images as before and after editing:

Image 1Bilde 1

Image 2Bilde2Ferdig 

Image 3Bilde3Ferdig

Here’s the images presented separately:

Bilde 1

Originally, this image was in a low-key tone. It’s now been normalized in Photoshop. I’ve adjusted the contrast to a higher value, changed the gamma correction to a higher value, along with the exposure.
I’ve also touched up on the color balance on green and yellow, to make the image pop a bit more.


Bilde 2

In this image, I have made the contrast between light a dark a bit more enhanced.
This is done by using the light that the vehicles naturally cast in a tunnel.
I’ve adjusted the contrast quite a bit to a higher value, the image has been made brighter, the gamma correcting value has increased, and the color balance has been touched to finish the image.


Bilde 3

This image has been converted to black and white.
I didn’t really find any photo that would be perfect for a black and white conversion, however, this was the best one.
The exposure has been changed to a very high value. I’ve also changed the gamma correction and contrast to a much higher value.
In this image, I also used the gradient tool, to get a better balance in the darkest areas vs. the light areas.

So, that’s it for now.
Back to working on my photo essay!



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