Week 25 – Car – Start/Stop Animation – Learning Activity 7.3

“In this learning activity, please create a graphic symbol of a car.
It might be wise to create this as a movie clip symbol, so that you can add extra animation to the symbol itself later on.

In the scene itself, make the car move from A to B.
Use classic tween to create the middle positions.

Also, the car needs to have a soft start and stop. Use the easing concept to achieve this.”

Here’s my animation:


I’ve spent quite a few hours on this. Not because it was hard, but because it was fun playing around with.

I came up with quite a few animations, however, I decided that ‘less is more’.
Hehe – the whole thing got out of hand, and it because ridiculously detailed at some point.

This was actually the last learning activity of this semester, and summer holidays can start!
However, there’s a mandatory hand-in only two weeks after schools starts again, so I suppose some work will have to be done during the summer.

Well then, I have a wedding to plan, a toddler to play with, trips to go on, and hopefully many hours in the sun to be spent for the next two months.

I’m wishing everyone and anyone a nice and warm holiday.
See yous on the other side 🙂



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