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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 450 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

WordPress – Accounting Company


I realize that I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Been mad busy with this WordPress task, and also sorting out stuff for my final exam and “portfolio” hand-in.

Also, I should have written this entry like five days ago, but I’ve been sick, and therefore unable to sit in front of a PC without puking my guts out…

Well anyways. Here’s the learning activity:

“An imaginative accounting company needs a website.
They are looking for something simple, and does not acquire any certain design.
The most important thing the company desires, is that they are able to add news every day, and that they can update text and add photos from time to time – on their own.

The company needs at least four pages.
Contact info, employee info, price-list and general info, and a news page.

When the website is ready, give the user rights to the “client” (this can be a person you know, family, friends etc. The client logs in, and write news.”

I’ve given my partner administrative rights to the website – so he added a news article under the tab ‘Nyheter’.

Here’s where you’ll find the WordPress website:

I kept the design simple, like we were told to, and focused on plugins, pages and other tools we can use in

There are so many themes and plugins and features to chose from, and that’s mainly the reason for this taking me ages to complete.
I couldn’t decide which theme to use, so I changed it around a 1000 times, and then there’s all the plugins, and all the problems of learning how these works and…yeah. It was quite an experience.

I like it though.
I makes webdesign easier, as there’s already a foundation built when you start a WordPress page.
I love the way you can still customize, change code and make the site look exactly as you want.

Although I can’t understand half of it yet, I would say that I prefer this to building a website in html or Dreamweaver.

Add a bit of Flash to your WordPress page, and it will probably make a huge and cool expression.
I also  love the way it’s user friendly for the client. The client doesnæt need to be an experienced “html’er/CSS’er” to contribute to his/her own website.

Well, that’s it for now.


Week 26 – Adding Sound Effect and Creating a Pointer – Learning Activity 8.1 and 8.2


This week, I’m merging my two learning activities into one blog entry.

“8.1: To the previous activity ‘Car:Start/Stop’, please add sound to the Flash film.
Only one sound is mandatory, but you can add several if you feel like it.

8.2: Make a simple graphic in the format of 728 px  x 90 px in Adobe Flash.
Use Action Script 3.0, to make a pointer to your reflective journal.

Add this to your individual web-servers, and present on your reflective journal.”

So, we’re still doing Flash stuff after the summer holidays.
To be honest, it was a bit hard to remember all the stuff we learned pre-holidays, but I’m easing into it.

The learning activities wasn’t too hard, so it was a soft starter.

First task was to add sound to a previous learning activity. It was pretty simple after watching the online lecture.

Second task was to create a graphic box, to put on our website, that would lead the viewer back to my reflective journal.
Pretty simple as well, however, there was coding involved, which is pretty hard to get your head around.
I keep having to go back to certain lectures, and forgetting which is what, and where to put what. Hopefully, my brain will absorb it eventually.

First task has been added here: – it’s at the very bottom, and you can hear the sound the minute you click onto the link. I must fix the sound a bit, as it’s longer than the clip itself. It keeps on going.

Second task is on the index site itself: – click on the purple “banner”, and it will take you to my reflective journal.

The design on my website is something I will work on this fall, as it needs to be tied together a bit more.

Please forgive me, I’m such a rookie at this 😉

I’ll be working on my next mandatory hand-in from here on out, until end of next week.




Week 25 – Car – Start/Stop Animation – Learning Activity 7.3

“In this learning activity, please create a graphic symbol of a car.
It might be wise to create this as a movie clip symbol, so that you can add extra animation to the symbol itself later on.

In the scene itself, make the car move from A to B.
Use classic tween to create the middle positions.

Also, the car needs to have a soft start and stop. Use the easing concept to achieve this.”

Here’s my animation:

I’ve spent quite a few hours on this. Not because it was hard, but because it was fun playing around with.

I came up with quite a few animations, however, I decided that ‘less is more’.
Hehe – the whole thing got out of hand, and it because ridiculously detailed at some point.

This was actually the last learning activity of this semester, and summer holidays can start!
However, there’s a mandatory hand-in only two weeks after schools starts again, so I suppose some work will have to be done during the summer.

Well then, I have a wedding to plan, a toddler to play with, trips to go on, and hopefully many hours in the sun to be spent for the next two months.

I’m wishing everyone and anyone a nice and warm holiday.
See yous on the other side 🙂



Week 25 – Animation of a Pendulum – Learning Activity 7.2

“Design a clock with a pendulum.
Animate the pendulum, using classic tween.”

Classic Tween is one of the features in Adobe flash, that allows you to execute the middle for a symbol, from one extreme position to another.
Unlike shape tween, the animation does not create different shapes and colors between the positions, but does give you a soft flow between each position.

Here’s my activity, added to DeviantArt:

This is my grandfather clock this is.
Animation, symbol and background, all created in Flash.

I like Flash – like most Adobe programs, it has few limitations if you creatively use it 🙂




Week 25 – Shape Tween Animation – Learning Activity 7.1

“Use shape tween to create an animation in Flash, where geometrical shapes turns into your name.”

Shape Tween is a built-in feature in Adobe Flash, that allows you to execute the middle positions of an animation, from one extreme position to another.

Here’s my animation:

In this activity, I decided to have four extreme positions.
First keyframe – five circles.
Second keyframe – one rectangle
Third keyframe – name in small letters
Fourth keyframe – name in big letters.

I’m still pretty blank on adding these to my webpage. Suppose I’m in summer mode.
Will figure this out though.



Week 24 – Principles of shape – Learning Activity 6.1

“In this exercise, you shall create one Flash document, containing 5 scenes.

4 of the scenes will have to visualize and explain 4 of the principles of shape mentioned below:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Motion
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm
  •  Harmony and dynamic
  • Unit and wholeness

Scene five has to be the index site/main page. This scene also has to contain four boxes, which will represent the four chosen principles of shape.

Whit action script, bring the five scenes together, creating buttons that will bring the user to each scene.
On each of the four scenes, there will also have to be a button that takes you back to the main page.

The finished scenes needs to be integrated in to an HTML and uploaded to the web server, where you will have to create a new file named flash.”

I’m having massive issues on this learning activity.
The creation of the scenes, and the work I have done in Flash has been no problem at all.
It’s the freakin’ uploading the web server that is wrecking my style totally.
Seems like my whole website has gone mental after I started adding the flash film to it.

My flash film doesn’t seem to be working at all when it’s published on my website:

Also – my design has changed, and you have to click on “Forsiden”, to even get to the extra button called “Adobe Flash”.
I’ve clearly messed up the code, so I’m sitting here, like I’ve done AAAALL weekend, trying to fix it.
As I should have managed to do this by yesterday, I’ve chosen to publish my flash video on DeviantArt again, just to show that I’ve managed the Flash part of the exercise just fine:

It was quite alright to work with all these scenes in Flash. We’ve had loads of great online lessons, and as long as I kept my tongue straight in my mouth, and followed both them, and common sense, I managed to produce this no problem.

I am quite aware that it’s essential that I manage to upload this file to my webpage.

I’m going straight back on the task, so fingers crossed for me… 🙂