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Logo research – Mandatory Hand-in (Oblig 02)

“Chose between a chocolate, coffee or a cereal. Come up with a logo design and a brand/name for the product.
Do research, define; target group, qualities you want the logo to express, the challenge in the design, and the name itself.”

This is only the first part of the assignment, so further explanation in regards to brainstorming, sketches, illustrations, and completion in Adobe Illustrator will be posted in later entries.

I quickly decided to pick a chocolate product. I’m a girl – I eat chocolate, I love chocolate, I’m a chocoholic. Girl means chocolate in “jibberish”, look it up in the dictionary :p


Chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. Chocolate originated from the Mayan-indians, who lived in Mexico and South-America where the cocoa trees  grew wild waaaaaaay back in 600 BC.

The cocoa beans grows on the cocoa tree. The Mayans roasted the cocoa beans and used them to make hot chocolate mixed with water and various spices.
This drink was called ‘chocolatl’ – and this is where the word ‘chocolate’ comes from.

Milk chocolate is chocolate containing milk powder or condensed milk. In the EU/EEA, the required minimum is 30% cocoa percentage in a chocolate product, while in the U.S. the required percentage is 10%!
The most famous milk chocolate in Norway is Freia Milk Chocolate, and it has been produced since 1906.

Milk Chocolate was originally a Swiss product and it first made it’s appearance on the market in 1875.

The most known Norwegian Chocolate manufacturers:

  • Freia
  • Hval
  • Minde
  • Nidar

Switzerland, Belgium and USA are the biggest manufacturers of chocolate in the world, but I have decided to just focus on the Norwegian market.

Chocolate is enjoyed as a snack, and has no age limits. By age limits, I mean that chocolate is being enjoyed by kids, teenagers as well as matures and extremely old people :p

In this next section, I’ll show you some examples on Norwegian chocolate manufacturers design and logos – which will also give an image of who I’m considering as competitors for my logo, in the chocolate market.

Appeals to both genders, name og chocolate describes flavor, no age limit, clear typography and bright color usage

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

My goals for this assignment:

– Target Group: Norwegian market, kids aged between 3 and 8 years old of the male gender.
– The logo will show: That my chocolate has a round, milky and sweet taste, and it will have to attract a very young consumer. The logo and design, should attract attention among various other sweets and chocolate products with my color choice, typography and design.
– The challenge in the design will be: Choosing the right typography and design, to attract the age and sex of my target group.
– Product name: Must be unique, have a certain clang to it, and again, attract the target group.

So, that’s about it for now. I’ve already started brainstorming the product name and flavor, and I’m enjoying the assignment.
As this is a mandatory hand-in, I’ve got more time to do this, compared to the learning activities, which means that I’ll be focusing on this weeks tasks before I add anymore posts on the progress of my logo. Stay tuned though 🙂



My Moodle Map


I have now completed the assignment of creating a map over Moodle. It wasn’t at all as easy as my initial reaction was.

Moodle is very practical and a serious useful resource as an online classroom, and it’s really easy to navigate around in, however, mapping it out after my own understanding – now that’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for a week now…

As many others, I started out with some notes and a mind map over what exactly I was supposed to put on this Moodle map according to the assignment:

After being through this process, I started sketching out a few ideas for how this map was going to look like visually.
A treasure map? No, might be to unoriginal. A map over Norway with the key words inserted in the different counties? Nope, that’s not how I see Moodle.

So, I figured, I’m going to “live” in Moodle for the next few years, I might as well sketch up a house and see where this brings me. Well, I came up with this, ‘The House Of Moodle’:

Nope, I wasn’t very impressed either. OK, fair enough, drawing is a fun thing to do, but let’s face it, it’s not my strength. And it’s definitely something I need to focus on improving.

Since I wasn’t very happy with any of the similar sketches I made, I decided to take a bit further, and way back to any girls childhood dream. I made a castle 🙂

 So, I’m finally happy with my result. To me, this is how I see Moodle. And this is how I navigate around it.

El presto – finished with the assignment, and I’m now ready as a hard boiled egg for my new one, as I know there’s going to be some photography involved 🙂

Until next time – Rock’n’Roll