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Navigation and Introduction to Dreamweaver – Learning Activity 2.1 Research – Websites

Start of a new week, and a new tattoo inked onto my body. So while I’m sitting here scratching like a mad cow, this was our first learning activity for the week:

“Find 10 separate websites, that are different in:

  • Contents – message sent to visitor.
  • Navigation – how you navigate yourself on, in and around on the website.
  • Structure and design – wireframe.
  • Justify the choice of each link you have found.”

Content: Daily/weekly updates on regional news in my hometown, some domestic, and a couple of foreign news as well. Mainly aimed at the locals in town and in this region.
Navigation: Direct navigation by entering the websites address in the address bar of your browser. Searchable navigation with an embedded search engine on the site, and tab navigation – which is a hyperlink navigation.
Menu choices are also highlighted when clicked on.
Wireframe: Ad placed on the very top of the website. Logo is placed on top along with navigation tabs, and is placed there on every “undersite” as well. Main box on website is all the little boxes of news and ads that you can click on for the full text of an article, or more info on the ad placed there.
At the very bottom of the site, there is a box with various practical information, such as “contact us”.


Content: Website containing recipes for different types of food, nutritious advice, and practical cooking advises.
Navigation: Direct navigation, searchable navigation, tab navigation.
Menu choice is highlighted when clicked on, and there’s also a “breadcrumb path”, when you click yourself deeper into the site. It’s shown under the logo on each page.
Wireframe: Divided into three main parts. 1. Top with logo on left hand side, and main tabs centered. 2. Left side box with subcategories. 3. Box on right hand side with links to different parts of members site.


Content: A site for uploading, sharing and showing off video clips and short videos.
Navigation: Direct navigation, and searchable navigation.
Wireframe: Simple design, with logo always placed on your upper left corner, along with the search engine. A small menu on the left hand side with a couple of searchable topics.
The middle of main page is filled with examples of videos that are most popular, and videos the visitor might like according to previous search history on the site.


Content: Norway’s biggest website for photography. Contains interviews, articles, artwork, forums, and members area.
Navigation:  Direct navigation, searchable navigation and tab navigation. Logo is always placed on your top left side, and highlighted menu choices.
Wireframe: Ad placed on the very top of site. Followed by a tab box with main categories.
Main box is filled with clickable links to articles and interviews recommended to read.


Content: Widely known around the world for being a bidding and selling websites, where everyone, as well as private and businesses, can sell new and used items of all kinds.
Navigation: Direct navigation, searchable navigation and tab navigation. Logo is always placed on your top left side, and highlighted menu choices.
On this website, we also find linear navigation, where the user or visitor navigates through the website in an order decided by the web developer.
Wireframe: Top box is the searchable engine. Left hand side contains the main category tabs. Main box contains recent purchases, member log in etc.


Content: Information on Harley-Davidson products and bikes, where you can find your dealer, contacts, and news etc.
Navigation: Direct navigation and tab navigation. Main logo is not always displayed, and certainly not in the same place as on the main site. Menu choice is highlighted.
Wireframe: Top box is the tab menu – and the main box basically only contains a link to new products. You will have to click on the tab menu to choose any other topic.


Content: This is probably one of the most well-known Internet Encyclopedias in the whole world.
Navigation: Searchable navigation, and direct navigation. The page also contains a main menu when first entering the site, where you can choose the language of your liking.
Wireframe: Logo is always displayed on your left hand side. There’s also a box to the left with different tabs the user can click on. On your right hand side, there’s a box with different type of information for the search you recently did. Mid page contains the information on your search. A plain and simple site, as you would presume the user would want for an encyclopedia.


Content: Basically a website with loads of different “top ten” lists in all sorts of categories imaginable.
Navigation: Direct navigation, tab navigation and searchable navigation. Sites logo is always displayed in top box centered.
Wireframe: Top box is mainly clickable tabs to the main categories on the site. Right hand side contains recent and top lists. And the main centered box contains recently added lists as well.


Content: Contains information about the yearly metal festival ‘KARMØYGEDDON’, and  other single gigs the promoters puts on during each year. Also contains information on previous gigs and shows.
Navigation: Direct navigation and tab navigation. Logo is always placed as a top box on each page you click into.
Wireframe: Down from the logo, there’s a box with tabs to main categories on the page. Main box contains ads from up and coming shows, and bands that will be playing in the near future.


Content: This is an alternative webshop, where you can buy alternative clothes, decorative items, patches, hair and make-up products etc.
Navigation: Direct navigation, tab navigation, always keeps the logo in the same place on top of page. This is probably a WordPress page, or similar.
There also seems to be a describing title of all sub pages.
Wireframe: Top tabs is aimed directly at the buyer with information on the site, contact information, log in and sign up choices.
Left hand box presents the buyer with purchase categories, and purchase information.
Right hand box shows ads, and middle section box contains example of products + more ads.

So, there you go. A lot of time spent ogling websites. Yaaaawn!



Idea development, Sketches and such – Illustration (Oblig.3)

In the beginning of this mandatory hand-in, I was super stoked and inspired. However, it has proven to be more difficult than I imagined at the beginning.

I’ve thought I had some good ideas, I’ve been stuck, frustrated, I’ve thought I was on to something, then really insecure about the whole poster.

However, I did have a certain idea from the beginning that I’ve built on for the past weeks.

Idea development:
As the song I’ve chosen doesn’t really contain a whole lot of different words and meanings, I started out by writing down the main things in the lyrics that I think of when listening to it.
* Flame
* Hands
* Heart
* Dark
* Crimson red
* Desperation

As this song, and the rest of the album is directed at dedicated fans, this became my target group.
By this, I mean dedicated fans that knows this album, and WASP by heart, such as myself.
The target group doesn’t really have any set age, as people of all age is easily into
different types of music.
Also, the objects in my illustration is something that anyone can recognize.

From the very start, I had an idea of a poster with two hands holding a heart with a flame inside. Pretty much a direct illustration of the song.
I was stuck on this thought, and on the idea that the illustration style was going to be more tattoo inspired, as tattoo and rock goes hand in hand.

I created a moodboard for inspiration:

The moodboard contains some album art, tattoos of the objects I wanted to illustrate, tattoo stencils, and a similar color range that I already had in my mind.

So, I started sketching:

I scanned the sketches, and started working on the different elements that I had drawn up.
I also used Google images for inspiration, searching for images such as ‘hands’, ‘hand sketches’, ‘human heart’, ‘flames’ and ‘hands holding’.

The hand-in is due tomorrow, and I am pretty much done with it. Just need to add some finishing touches in Illustrator and finish my report.
Result will be uploaded here tomorrow as well.



Illustration – Poster Research (Oblig 3)

In our mandatory hand in, the poster size is supposed to be in this format:
50×70, 300 dpi with a 3 mm bleed.

This seems to be a standard format for posters, although there is also other formats to be used for different effects such as panorama and squared in different measurements.
A rectangular poster can also have other measurements.

Some technical words:

Bleed – Added size to the image, normally placed at 3 mm extra elements (images, lines or color bars), which is outside the net format of the print.
This is to avoid the white “glitch” when the print is cropped.

DPI – (dots per inch) is a measure of image resolution. 300 dpi, high-resolution, is normally used for print.

Gross format – the net format + bleed (50,3 x 70,3cm).

Net format – the format the print is cropped to in the final result (50 x 70 cm).

Here is the format I am going to use, included bleed of 3mm and safety margin of 10mm:

I’ve got a whole bunch of sketches ready, as I have already been working on this hand-in for a couple of weeks.
Can’t wait to be done with this one 🙂



Illustration – My song pick (Oblig 3)

Another mandatory hand-in at the start of the week.

“A musician or a band contacts you, and ask you to do a visual illustration of one of their songs.
Choose the music your self.

The goal of the task is to create a new and original expression to the song, as the illustration is supposed to give the music another dimension of depth.
Solve the task in Photoshop – but the illustration also have to contain vector graphics produced in Illustrator.
The illustration is not supposed to contain any text or lyrics.

Make a poster in the following format:
50x70cm with a 3 mm bleed and in a 300 dpi resolution.”

I instantly started thinking of which song I wanted to make this illustration for.
I went through many bands in my head, and a lot of my favorite lyrics.

I landed on ‘WASP – Hold On To My Heart’.

This is the song:



There’s a flame, flame in my heart
And there’s no rain, can put it out
And there’s a flame, its burning in my heart
And there’s no rain, ooh can put it out
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Take away the pain, inside my soul
And I’m afraid, so all alone
Take away the pain, is burning in my soul
Cause I’m afraid that I’ll be all alone
So just hold me, hold me, hold me

Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
Hold on to my heart, to my heart, to me
And oh no, don’t let me go cause all I am
You hold in your hands, and hold me
And I’ll make it through the night
And I’ll be alright, hold on, hold on to my heart

This great little tune is from WASP’s album called ‘The Crimson Idol’. Basically the whole album is based on a story of a teenager called Jonathan Aaron Steel.
Jonathan runs away from home when his brother is killed in a car accident, as he’s got issues with his parents.

From here on, his life becomes complicated, and he wanders the street with his guitar.
On his way to stardom, he becomes addicted to alcohol and drugs – and cocaine in particular.

‘Hold On To My Heart’ is one of the last songs on the album, where Jonathan is tired, and in need of help.

This particular album is Blackie Lawless’ concept album, and it’s very different and more mellow than any other rock’n’roll tunes the band has ever done.

I’ve seen it live, and it’s amazing. Definitely one of my favorite bands of all times.
Correction – Blackie Lawless is one of my favorite musicians of all time, as he’s basically the songwriter and the only original member left in the band.

This album lies close to my heart – and I know every single lyric, finger pick and chord played on it.
Quite a natural pick for my illustration.



Logo research – Mandatory Hand-in (Oblig 02)

“Chose between a chocolate, coffee or a cereal. Come up with a logo design and a brand/name for the product.
Do research, define; target group, qualities you want the logo to express, the challenge in the design, and the name itself.”

This is only the first part of the assignment, so further explanation in regards to brainstorming, sketches, illustrations, and completion in Adobe Illustrator will be posted in later entries.

I quickly decided to pick a chocolate product. I’m a girl – I eat chocolate, I love chocolate, I’m a chocoholic. Girl means chocolate in “jibberish”, look it up in the dictionary :p


Chocolate is made from cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. Chocolate originated from the Mayan-indians, who lived in Mexico and South-America where the cocoa trees  grew wild waaaaaaay back in 600 BC.

The cocoa beans grows on the cocoa tree. The Mayans roasted the cocoa beans and used them to make hot chocolate mixed with water and various spices.
This drink was called ‘chocolatl’ – and this is where the word ‘chocolate’ comes from.

Milk chocolate is chocolate containing milk powder or condensed milk. In the EU/EEA, the required minimum is 30% cocoa percentage in a chocolate product, while in the U.S. the required percentage is 10%!
The most famous milk chocolate in Norway is Freia Milk Chocolate, and it has been produced since 1906.

Milk Chocolate was originally a Swiss product and it first made it’s appearance on the market in 1875.

The most known Norwegian Chocolate manufacturers:

  • Freia
  • Hval
  • Minde
  • Nidar

Switzerland, Belgium and USA are the biggest manufacturers of chocolate in the world, but I have decided to just focus on the Norwegian market.

Chocolate is enjoyed as a snack, and has no age limits. By age limits, I mean that chocolate is being enjoyed by kids, teenagers as well as matures and extremely old people :p

In this next section, I’ll show you some examples on Norwegian chocolate manufacturers design and logos – which will also give an image of who I’m considering as competitors for my logo, in the chocolate market.

Appeals to both genders, name og chocolate describes flavor, no age limit, clear typography and bright color usage

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

A more adult expression/attraction, clear typography, shiny color choice.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

Childish expression, clear typography and it's not directly aimed at one specific gender.

My goals for this assignment:

– Target Group: Norwegian market, kids aged between 3 and 8 years old of the male gender.
– The logo will show: That my chocolate has a round, milky and sweet taste, and it will have to attract a very young consumer. The logo and design, should attract attention among various other sweets and chocolate products with my color choice, typography and design.
– The challenge in the design will be: Choosing the right typography and design, to attract the age and sex of my target group.
– Product name: Must be unique, have a certain clang to it, and again, attract the target group.

So, that’s about it for now. I’ve already started brainstorming the product name and flavor, and I’m enjoying the assignment.
As this is a mandatory hand-in, I’ve got more time to do this, compared to the learning activities, which means that I’ll be focusing on this weeks tasks before I add anymore posts on the progress of my logo. Stay tuned though 🙂



Graphic studio of my liking

I’ve had a hard time finding one specific Graphic performer/studio of my own liking. I’ve used google, links provided by teacher and to search for an artist that I would prefer.

There were tons to choose from, and several caught my eye.

However, after a week-long search, I finally found someone up my own alley.
The designer studio, Signs of the Times DA/Smaapigerne, was founded in 1999 by Kaja Ødegård and Sissel Ringstad.
Both women work with illustration, and graphic design. In fact, they both have a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the same college in England.

Kaja and Sissel works with a broad variety of techniques and expressions.

The reason I chose Signs of the Times/Smaapigerne, is because I simply love their illustrations.
All though all illustrations seem very different from each other, you can still see that they have their own “childish” style.
They also use a well-balanced colour scheme, with a special mix between mellow and sharp colours.

Signs of the Times/Smaapigerne webside: – and they also have some cool t-shirt prints here: