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Magazine Layout – Production – Learning activity 1.2

“Produce the magazine layout in Adobe InDesign.
Use your sketches.
Decide on font and color, and use this throughout the pages.”

Here’s my CURB magazine in .jpeg:

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I decided to keep the pages nice and light inside the magazine, in contrast to the dark front and back cover.

Some of the elements have been photo-shopped in advance, and  especially the back cover, where I have used several of the elements given to us.

So, I’m now just about ready to make this magazine ready for print 🙂



Magazine Layout – Sketches – Learning activity 1.4

“In this task, focus on the folder CURB. In this folder, there’s a bunch of elements that can be used in a magazine. Study the elements thoroughly.
You will now have to make sketch proposals  with the following pages:

* Front cover
* Two spread pages inside the magazine
* Back cover

Think dynamics and contrast in the layout of the magazine.
Make a decision as to which layout style you wish to base the layout on; symmetrical, asymmetrical or a mix between the both.
Explain your choice of layout style.”

I’ve chosen to base my layout on a mix between symmetrical and asymmetrical. layout. This is basically because I wanted the magazine to show a youthful style, but still have a clear and symmetrical text symmetry on the two spread pages.

Here’s my sketches:

Contrast will appear more in the final product.