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Photo Essay (Oblig. 7)

This gallery contains 8 photos.

“In this mandatory hand-in, your task is to portray a person, A Photo Essay is a series of images telling a story, where the images does not have to be presented in a set order. You will have to present … Continue reading

Week 20 – Lighting and Value – Learning Activity 1.2

“Place light and shoot a balloon with your SLR Cam in a simple home studio.

Work with the values in the image.
Decide whether to work with high key or low key image, using a high or low contrast.”

(This post was added a bit late, as I managed to only save it as draft instead of publicize it last Friday…)

To start this learning activity, I fist did a quick research on essential studio equipment that a photographer would normally use.
The must-haves are:
* Your camera (obviously…)
* Light
* Background
* Tripod

Other equipment that comes in handy:
* External Flash
* Soft boxes
* Reflectors
* Flash/light measure

I’ve actually owned a couple of soft boxes for quite some time now, so I’ve used these two in this learning activity.
Balloon was photographed against a white wall – instead of using a backdrop solution.
I had no need for flash during this exercise.

I decided to work with a high-key, high contrast image, and this is the result:


My two soft boxes were placed on the right hand side of the balloon, to cast the shadow on the left hand side.
I’ve adjusted the light and exposure to brighten the image, and also adjusted the contrast to a high level.

That’s it for now!


– Marit 

Use of light in portraits the past 1000 years – Learning Activity 1.1

“Collect portrait images from the past 1000 years, one for each century, and present it on your reflective journal, describing the use of light in each portrait.

Use for picture presentation, and embed into your journal.”

This was actually a time consuming task. Not easy to find a portrait from each century, and obviously, as photography was not properly developed until the first few decades of the 19th century.

However, here’s my presentation of my findings for the learning activity: