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Week 22 – Flash Library – Learning Activity 4.2

“In this learning activity, you will have to work with symbols.
The goal is to understand how we build up the content of a scene, by using the library and symbols.

This activity consists of four parts:

  1. Make three different and simple graphic symbols.
  2. Make one simple movie clip symbol.
  3. Convert your avatar into a button symbol, and change the color of the elements over down and hit.
  4. Add all the above into one scene in different layers.”

So, this was interesting.

I’m still not quite sure about the library, and how you can save you symbols permanently – however, I managed to produce this:

Flash Attempt

Click on my avatar to see it change its colors.

Also, it’s not possible to add SWF files into a site.
I’ll add e new tab on my website for all my flash activities eventually. In the meanwhile, I am using deviantArt for my flash files.

I fell pretty confident in creating symbols in Adobe Flash.
I mean, I’m not saying I’ve created anything wonderful, but I’m feeling quite confident in the technical aspect itself.

It’s basically the same in every Adobe program that we have touched, where it’s very smart to work in layers.
If you don’t, you risk having a very messy affair.

Flash seems like fun, and it seems like it’s the most elaborate  Adobe program we have been learning.
There are no limits in regards to creating websites with detailed animation, fabulous customized buttons and graphic symbols, and even sound.

However, back to my biggest question: Is it possible to save a library permanently. I mean, when you create your symbols, can you save it, and use it for a whole new scene later on?

I might have done something wrong, but it seems as though a library only get’s stored for each new document/or scene created.
If I want to use these elements that I’ve created, do I have to go back to an old scene, and copy them over?

I’ve tried “googeling” this, and search around for the answer. No luck.
I’ll try my school forum.



Week 22 – Avatar – Learning Activity 4.1

“In this learning activity, you will have to produce an Avatar of yourself .
Size has to be 200 px x 200 px.

Start with a photo of yourself, and work with simplifying shapes.
Make some analogue sketches, before you work with the Avatar in Adobe Flash.
The Avatar has to be produced digitally in Adobe Flash, and it has to be an easy shape with simple colors.
Remember to work in layers.”

So, finally, after some PC issues, I am able to add my work.

Here’s the image I used as a starting point for making my avatar:


Here’s the analogue sketches I made, before entering the world of Adobe Flash:

SketsjAvatar1 SketsjAvatar2

Aaaand, here’s the final result:

Marit Avatar


Hehe. Personally, I think the main sketch there is better than the avatar itself.
However, it was supposed to be simple 🙂