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Week 23 – Typography/Image – Learning Activity 5.1

“In this learning activity, you will have to work with composition of an image and typographical elements.

Make two compositions in Adobe Flash:

  1. The elements need to have a similarity/harmony between the image and the typography.
    This can be done in regards to the placement or the design of the elements.
  2. The elements need to have a contrast between the image and the typography.
    Again, this can be done in regards to the placement or the design of the elements.

Make jpg’s of the images and add them to you reflective journal.
Explain the design of the two compositions.”


So, here’s my first composition – Similarity/Harmony


The image has balanced color within the big circled elements. This matches the background color.
The small circles also has a symmetrical purpose, and gives the idea of balance and harmony along with the big circles.

Each element has an outline as big as the mid-line. This also creates balance.
I chose a round font, to compliment the circles.
Each letter, except from two, has the same color as the big circle.
I chose the two letters in red, to tie them together with the small circles.

Here’s my second composition – Contrast



The typography creates the contrast in the composition.

The color does not match, the font is strong, and not round and soft, as the previous composition.

I chose a non-complimentary color to the red, which is the pink in the font.

All in all, the typography is a contrast to the balanced elements.

For my next task, it starts getting complicated. Oh lord…