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Week 26 – Adding Sound Effect and Creating a Pointer – Learning Activity 8.1 and 8.2


This week, I’m merging my two learning activities into one blog entry.

“8.1: To the previous activity ‘Car:Start/Stop’, please add sound to the Flash film.
Only one sound is mandatory, but you can add several if you feel like it.

8.2: Make a simple graphic in the format of 728 px  x 90 px in Adobe Flash.
Use Action Script 3.0, to make a pointer to your reflective journal.

Add this to your individual web-servers, and present on your reflective journal.”

So, we’re still doing Flash stuff after the summer holidays.
To be honest, it was a bit hard to remember all the stuff we learned pre-holidays, but I’m easing into it.

The learning activities wasn’t too hard, so it was a soft starter.

First task was to add sound to a previous learning activity. It was pretty simple after watching the online lecture.

Second task was to create a graphic box, to put on our website, that would lead the viewer back to my reflective journal.
Pretty simple as well, however, there was coding involved, which is pretty hard to get your head around.
I keep having to go back to certain lectures, and forgetting which is what, and where to put what. Hopefully, my brain will absorb it eventually.

First task has been added here: – it’s at the very bottom, and you can hear the sound the minute you click onto the link. I must fix the sound a bit, as it’s longer than the clip itself. It keeps on going.

Second task is on the index site itself: – click on the purple “banner”, and it will take you to my reflective journal.

The design on my website is something I will work on this fall, as it needs to be tied together a bit more.

Please forgive me, I’m such a rookie at this 😉

I’ll be working on my next mandatory hand-in from here on out, until end of next week.