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WordPress – Accounting Company


I realize that I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. Been mad busy with this WordPress task, and also sorting out stuff for my final exam and “portfolio” hand-in.

Also, I should have written this entry like five days ago, but I’ve been sick, and therefore unable to sit in front of a PC without puking my guts out…

Well anyways. Here’s the learning activity:

“An imaginative accounting company needs a website.
They are looking for something simple, and does not acquire any certain design.
The most important thing the company desires, is that they are able to add news every day, and that they can update text and add photos from time to time – on their own.

The company needs at least four pages.
Contact info, employee info, price-list and general info, and a news page.

When the website is ready, give the user rights to the “client” (this can be a person you know, family, friends etc. The client logs in, and write news.”

I’ve given my partner administrative rights to the website – so he added a news article under the tab ‘Nyheter’.

Here’s where you’ll find the WordPress website:

I kept the design simple, like we were told to, and focused on plugins, pages and other tools we can use in

There are so many themes and plugins and features to chose from, and that’s mainly the reason for this taking me ages to complete.
I couldn’t decide which theme to use, so I changed it around a 1000 times, and then there’s all the plugins, and all the problems of learning how these works and…yeah. It was quite an experience.

I like it though.
I makes webdesign easier, as there’s already a foundation built when you start a WordPress page.
I love the way you can still customize, change code and make the site look exactly as you want.

Although I can’t understand half of it yet, I would say that I prefer this to building a website in html or Dreamweaver.

Add a bit of Flash to your WordPress page, and it will probably make a huge and cool expression.
I also  love the way it’s user friendly for the client. The client doesnæt need to be an experienced “html’er/CSS’er” to contribute to his/her own website.

Well, that’s it for now.