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Seasonal Pattern – Learning Activity 2.1

“The goal of this learning activity is to see how a photo image can be the base of an illustration and furthermore, a pattern.

In this task, you are supposed to create a pattern report. The pattern is to be based on a seasonal illustration, that you will have to cut and paste into the pattern report.

Use the pictures you’ve earlier taken this week during the previous learning activities to execute the task.

Use Adobe Photoshop to add colors , and to check if the pattern can be tiled.”

This was a great task – and something I’ve done before. Creating your own patterns by using your own photos, tiling and measuring up stuff – I’m pretty good at it. At least I think I am. Ok, so maybe I should let you all be the judge of that :p
Earlier in the summer of this year, I was asked to create a custom-made pattern for a friend, in which was supposed to be the pattern on a dress.
The dress is in the making, so maybe I’ll put it up here when it’s done (:

Anyways, enough of my ramblings and back to the learning activity.

Looking through my photos, I wasn’t able to be instantly inspired to make any sort of illustration on paper.
I decided to do it all digitally, meaning, I didn’t sketch up anything in advance.

Everything has been created in Photoshop – my favorite program in the whole world!

The base of the pattern was this picture:

Maybe not the most fall inspired picture – but that was something I could focus on during the coloring.

Next step was to choose which elements I wanted to put into my pattern. Zooming in on the picture, I found this wee little flower bud:

I thought the shape was quite interesting, so I cut the flower bud out and pasted it into a new document several times, and managed to create a circular shape by rotating the flower bud in different ways.

When I had the final shape that I wanted for my pattern, I used the define pattern option in Photoshop, and proceeded by creating a new document.

In my new document, which was bigger than the previous document, I filled in the pattern I had created to get the tiled effect we were supposed to get.
Both background color and pattern color was filled in as well at this stage, and this is my final result:

The pattern looks like a table-cloth, or possibly a fall inspired knitted jumper pattern :p

Have a nice weekend everyone!





Aperture – Learning Activity 1.1

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